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  • Fire Starter Bracelet


    • 16 feet of paracord
    • Flint
    • Striker
    • Adjustable 7-9 inches
    The built in fire starter rod has a black protective coating which you need to scrape off with the striker washer. Then open the bracelet by threading the rod through the washer. Slide the washer across the fire starter rod quickly and with force to produce sparks. Once you get the hang of it you will be starting fires in no time.

    See the Fire Starter Bracelet in Action

  • Survival Pod

    This survival kit contains 7 feet of paracord, tin foil, razor, tinder, flint, carabiner, 2 fishing hooks, 2 bobbers, 2 sinkers, 2 swivels and fishing line. Clip this survival kit on your backpack or bug out bag and have access to the ultimate survival tool.

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  • survival cord bracelet
  • Paracord Survival Bracelets

    • Adjustable velcro closure (patent pending) for adjustments up to 1 inch.
    • 2 sizes available - small for wrist sizes 6.5-7.5" and large 7.5-8.5".
    • Unravel in case of an emergency and use to create a splint or tourniquet.
    • Not only are they useful they look great.

  • Paracord Monkey Fist Keychain

    The monkey fist is a grerat self defense weapon and since it is made from paracord, you get a great product for the price.

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